Friday, September 12, 2014

Cucumber Vadas

Cucumber vadas ,very easy and quick to make. Perfect evening snack. These are deep fried hence calories are high. But I believe that one can treat oneself once in a while :) I learnt this from one of the senior member of our food group Veena Mallaya.

Cucumber is a good source of Vitamin B. It re hydrates the body and replenishes the vitamins. it is good for the skin and hair. whenever your eyes feel tired, just lie down for 10 minutes with two slices of cucumber on them. You will feel refreshed.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Palak/Spinach Rice

Palak/ Spinach is not a preferred vegetable in my house. But due to its high nutritious value i try and incorporate it in our diet. Palak gravy as such will not be accepted so i keep mixing it with other vegetables in sandwiches, curries, tikkas or pakodas. While surfing one day i came across with this recipe of palak rice. Sounded interesting, quick and easy. It was loved in our house and from then palak has found a regular place in our veggie list.

Palak is less in calories, cholesterol free and full of nutrients. It is rich in Vtamin K, B2, A and folate (iron). It solves the gastrointestinal problems, compensates for blood loss during menstruation and said to prevent cataract problems.

To clean palak : Soak palak in water mixed with 2 tbsp of vinegar+1 tbsp of salt for 30 minutes. Then rinse/ wash in cold water. 
To store palak: wrap in newspaper instead of plastic bags, they will remain fresh.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Dodda Mensinkai (Bell Pepper) Palya

Dodda Mensinkai/ Capsicum/ Bell Peppers often called as an english vegetable  is a native of America. These peppers come in red,yellow,orange and green. Green is the most widely used and the cheapest one amongst all.It is rich in Vitamin C. Increases metabolism,thus helping in weight loss. Acts as an an antioxidant. Capsicum is used in various dishes like curries, soups, chutneys, jams, pickles. The recipe below  is inherited from my Mom. A simple, easy and delicious dry curry.