Sunday, November 30, 2014


Pholsu is a Konkani Delicacy that is known to very few households. It is very similar to sambhar. Very Nutritious and easy to make. A dish packed with vitamins and nutrients. Tastes good with rice, dosas or idlis.

 My Mom, My Mentor, the one who made me what i am today learnt this from her Mom i.e  My Grandmother who has played a major role in my life. I spent the crucial years of my life with her and she guided me throughout and helped me grow...She has been a great source of inspiration to all of us. She has has faced a lot of struggles and difficulties in her life and fought through them with courage.She taught us to face problems with a smile and lead a simple life :) Our pillar of strength... Love You Lots Ammumma...Blessed to have you...You Are the Best. This one For You :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Whole Wheat Pizza

Pizza, A favourite of almost everyone...An Italian delicacy and is made with different sauces and toppings. Normally pizza bases are made of maida / refined flour. But this one that I have made is one with a whole wheat base. The base recipe is adapted from one of my fav chefs legendary late Tarla Dalaji. I am an ardent follower of her website and love all her recipes. Hope you like this one too. The sauce is my own creation. Hope you will all like it. Please do try and give your feedback.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Veggie Kurma

Kurma/ Korma is one of the best accompaniments for chappathis, rotis, rice , idiyappam. appams or pooris. Every state has a different version of kurma/korma. My Dear friend, Chitra Kamath, whom we fondly call Chitrakka, an expert cook and who has always been motivating and encouraging us right from the onset of our blog, came up with this interesting recipe of veggie kurma. Easy to make and lighter than the normal ones. This one is mildly spiced and the coconut content is also lesser than normal. Packed with vitamins and minerals. A recipe worth a try. This one for you Chitrakka :) 


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sooji/ Rava Dhokla

Sooji/ Rava/Semolina Dhokla, very popular in Gujarati households, is one of the healthiest snack. Since its steamed, it is low in calories. Very filling and a complete meal. An excellent snack idea especially for school/office tiffins, weight watchers and diabetic patients. I surfed through many dhokla recipes, combined them with a few of my variations and came up with this final product. Hope you all like it!!

Sooji takes time to digest so you feel full for a longer time. good source of Vitamin E & B. it is a good source for gaining quick energy.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Oats And Rice Rava Undis

Undis or steamed rice balls are a Konkani GSB delicacy and is commonly made for breakfast. It is normally made with rice or rice rava and coconut. It is a steamed dish hence very healthy and less in calories. To cut the calorie content further we came up with this healthier version. This one is with oats, rice rava and zero coconut. Very easy and quick to make. My dear friend Prajna Pai Prabhu, a very talented cook who has the ability of giving creative and innovative twists to any recipe, is the one who came up with this idea. This quality of hers amazes me all the time. This one for your creativity Prajna :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bread Masala

Bread in any form is loved by all. Bread upma is something that is commonly made in every household. So what's this Bread masala? Its nothing but a spicy and masaledaar version of bread upma. Absolutely lip smacking recipe that will be loved by all esp the kids. An excellent idea for a healthy evening snack and for kids tiffin boxes too. Very easy and quick to make. I learnt this one from a dear friend, an expert cook Sandhya Puranik. A wonderful person who is always happy to share her recipes....Learnt a lot from her. Sandy this one for you!!