Sunday, May 24, 2015

Eggless Prune, Coffee And Walnut Cake

Its The Big 1....Cooking is my passion and I had always dreamt of starting a food blog...but never expected that it would turn into reality....Yes!! Exactly this day last year my dream came true.I had to choose a special day to launch my dream. May 24th was the D Day...It happens to be a special person's big day too, without whose unconditional support this dream would have remained a dream forever.

Happy Birthday Kitchen Tales!! We take this opportunity to express our gratitude to  each one of you who visit our blog, try out our recipes and give your valuable feedback. Your support and encouragement means a lot to us. We need it always.

Eggless Butterless Prune,Coffee and Walnut cake...A very healthy and nutritious cake. The original recipe calls for Dates but just to cut down on calories I have replaced dates with prunes and made it sugarless too.Recipe is adapted from Here

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Samo/ Varai / Barnyard Millet Idli

Samo/ varai  is a kind of millet. There are varieties of dishes prepared with samo and its highly nutritious. idlis, dosas and upma are the most popular samo dishes. Samo idlis are normally made during fasting/vrat days. But I try and include them in our regular diet too. There are different versions of samo idli, fermented version and instant version. The one below is an instant version. I have surfed through many recipes on the net, combined them and made this version of mine. Hope you will all try and like it.

Millets are easy to digest. Prevents constipation. Helps reduce migraines. It has a relatively low glycaemic index and hence helps in keeping lower blood sugar.